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Picture It.


Introducing The ICON

Aura designed the world’s first virtual studio, The ICON,

measuring 6' by 3' with a 1" depth. 

ICON Data & Security

Aura Corporation’s philosophy on AI is summed up in two phrases: proactive regulation, prioritizing human rights.

As a critical asset that generates, acquires, saves, and exchanges data, Aura will treat data security as fundamental to trust. 

  • Users will have an “Opt-out” of data collection choice, however they can update preferences to change collection setting.

  • Users can print a summary of the data collected on them.

  • User data will be categorized into three buckets, general, behavioral, and biological.

  • Users can request data to be deleted or anonymized.

  • Low risk data deletion is automated while high risk data deletion requires human review.

Untitled design (3).png

** Via disclaimer, Icon users are informed that AuraAI is centered on very specific topics, so as not to have users exclusively rely on AuraAI. AuraAI is not intended to be a replacement for human interaction and users should seek out other sources of support and advice as well. This will help users avoid the
development of unhealthy reliance on the AuraAI.**

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