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In order to ensure the security against cybersecurity threats, we need to ensure protection of our device as well as our website from digital attacks and threats. We require our users to create secure passwords for theory devices, and we regularly update and test our security systems in order to keep our systems safe and secure.


For cyber threats, Aura will feature an Extended Validation SSL certificate on the ICON and the website. SSL certificates provide authentication of the ownership of a URL, and can prevent personal information from being redirected from its intended source. The ICON uses Extended Validation which is the highest level of URL authentication.

In the event that a cyber attack is sent toward the company directly, rather than just our users, we implemented Cloud storage as well as installing an online back-up service and having external drives. Aura uses a NAS, also known as a Home Server, a physical device that can store multiple drives that anyone on our network can access. Aura also uses USB Flash Drives, a safe and portable drive storage solution to store and keep data safe. 


Once the cyber attack is neutralized, we efficiently recover lost company data by using Hot Sites. Hot Sites are the best option for quick data recovery, taking only minutes to recover data, giving the minimum amount of company downtime when recovering data.

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