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The Icon is a multi-modal, AI-integrated, digital wellness suite of programs activated on a full-body interactive, touchscreen display.
The Icon’s key features includes Three Tri-Lens Camera Pods for capturing 100-400-megapixel resolution photos and videos. 

The Icon will help users build a healthy relationship with social media, act as an initial mental health screen for users, and be an access point for mental health support to achieve and sustain better health and offer more utility for digital expression.

AMOLED 8K Display
7,680 horizontal pixels 
4,320 vertical pixels 
33 million pixels

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Intel Core i9-13980HX
8 Performance-optimized cores
16 efficiency-optimized cores
5.6 gigahertz

5 Terabytes 

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5 Hours Charge Time

Up to 15 Hours of Applications

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Nearly 60 Hours of Audio Playback

Optimized Battery Charging At 80%

54.8V DC Power Supply Adapter Charger for 48V 13S Lithium Li-ion Battery Pack

Input of 240 Volts
2 Amps
10 Watts

Security Protections: OVP (Over-voltage protection)/OCP (Over current protection) /Overload Protection/Short Circuit Protection. 

Included with purchase of the ICON

ICON Charger

ICON's Suite of Applications 


Try on clothing and shop with confidence. 

Experience precision and detail with up to 200X zoom.


Stay physically active with a personal trainer tailored specifically.

With Picture-in-Picture tutorials, experience a new dynamic to learning. 


Biometric monitoring and accurate measurements.

Social and mental health is essential for everyone. 


Stay connected with your inner self and relieve your emotions.

Customize the ICON to your liking and control how your information is stored.

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Precision. Detail.  

Experience endless diversity in your community through ICONVIEW, with limitations only bound by creativity, curiosity, and exploration. 




Find Your Peace. 

ICONMOOD will detect levels of stress, track your emotional and mental well-being, and provide an outlet for positivity. Through yoga, meditation, mood surveys, and more on the immersive touchscreen display, you can enjoy the benefits of the ICON while staying healthy and grounded. 


Any Workout. Anywhere. Anytime. 

Your Health Matters. So Does Time.

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Is it the crowded gyms, high membership fees, or not having the time that stops you from working out? With the ICONFIT, you can tailor your workouts personally to FIT YOU. Explore a new adventure as you travel while staying motivated, or delve into Personal Training with engaging, full body interactive Cardio-Boxing. You can choose anything. All from the comfort of your home. 

Yes. It really is anything. Whether it is working out while watching your favorite streamer, content creator, or wanting a customizable personal trainer, the ICONFIT brings a new dynamic to fitness. 

For the ultimate experience of ICONFIT, purchase the ICON Fitness Package! 

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A New Way To Shop. 

Bringing convenience through Virtual Try-On, the ICONCLOSET provides a revolutionary experience beyond traditional in-store or online shopping. With AuraAI, the ICON generates images and videos, capturing a full 360 degrees and the uniqueness of personal shopping. 


Utilizing the ICONVIEW's Tri-Lens cameras and the ICONSCANNER's accurate measurements, any compatible clothing can be fitted to an individual before making purchases or managing wardrobes, all from the comfort of one's home. Picking outfits can be less time consuming, more enjoyable, and made easier. 

about AuraAI.


Your ICON. Your Identity. 

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